3 Best Ways to Lose Weight Naturally


The healthiest and best long-term weight loss program is a lifestyle change. Fad diets, cleanses, and short high-intensity workout programs are great for a quick fix or a jump-start. But you’re likely to gain weight again after completing the programs, unless you follow up with a lifestyle change. Plus, short programs can make you feel miserable—they require you to cut out lots of food you love, which will make you likely to binge later. Losing weight naturally might take longer, but your results are more guaranteed to last. Check out the 3 best ways to lose weight naturally.
1. Cook all your own meals. 
One of the best things you can do for your body is to cook all of your own meals. When you prepare your food, you know what’s in it. Processed foods are loaded with sugar, fat, and sodium. You can prepare healthy alternatives at home, and it doesn’t have to take lots of time. Try these 5 Super Simple Dinners Anyone Can Make and these Easy Recipes Made with 7 Ingredients or Fewer.

2. Use healthy substitutes. 
Another easy way to naturally cut calories is to swap out unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives. Switch from white bread to whole-wheat bread, use Greek yogurt instead of mayo or sour cream. Try these 9 Snack Swaps for Weight Loss.

3. Make exercise part of your daily routine.
You can get exercise every day even if you don’t have time to hit the gym. You can do these 4 Amazing No-Equipment Butt Workouts and this Equipment-Free Core Workout at home. Too busy for an at-home workout? Park farther from your office so you can squeeze in a short walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or try these 7 Short Exercises You Can Do During Lunch.