Can A Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy Increase the Risk Of Premature Birth?

If you are a woman who is planning to have a child sometime soon and you are a vegetarian, then maybe this article can gain your attention. We all know that pregnancy is one of the most delicate stages of a woman’s life and whatever she does during this phase, directly affects her baby’s health.

The unborn, in a mother’s womb has no other source of nutrition, except whatever is received direct from the mother’s blood stream, through the umbilical cord.
So, the health of the unborn depends on how good and nutritious the mother’s diet is. If the mother’s diet is healthy and nutritious, her baby too will remain healthy, for the most part and also certain complications related to pregnancy and childbirth can be avoided.
Now, there are some people who eat animal meat on a regular basis and there are vegetarians who consume no meat at all.
Being a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian, has different pros and cons.
Lets us see if a vegetarian diet during pregnancy can lead to preterm birth.
Vegetarian Diet & Premature Birth
A recent research study conducted by a group of researchers from the Akershus University Hospital in Oslo, conducted a survey on pregnant women who consumed enough meat and another set of pregnant women who were largely vegetarian.
At the end of the research study, they found that, women who consumed a diet, which included mostly plant-based foods, were more likely to give birth to their baby before the 9 months term was over, that is, a premature baby.
On the other hand, women who consumed meat had a lesser chance of giving birth to preterm babies.
The reason for this problem to occur, according to the research study, is due to the lack of vitamin B12 in mothers who do not consume meat, which can lead to the early ejection of the baby from the womb. When the mother is deficient in vitamin B12, it can cause her uterus to become weaker, thus causing premature births.
So, in conclusion, if a pregnant woman is vegetarian, she must talk to her doctor and consider taking vitamin B12 supplements.