Toss The Sauce: Tips For Flavorful Foods With Fewer Calories!



Ever wonder how many calories you could save if you didn’t slather on the sauce? You can cut calories by avoiding even the light version of some of the classics or just add more flavor to your meals with natural ingredients. Herbs can make just about any dish flavorful, and by ditching the sauces and high-calorie spreads you can save yourself tons of calories! Barbeque and mayo can be some of the hardest high-calorie sauces to resist but read on and see how you can cut calories just by tossing the sauce.

First, consider making this simple Homemade, Healthy Ketchup recipe.

Barbeque, Calories per 2 Tbs (1 serving)
Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce – 70 calories
Bull’s-Eye Barbecue Sauce (Original) – 60 calories
Kraft Barbecue Sauce (Honey) – 50 calories
Hunts BBQ Sauce (Original BBQ Sauce) – 50 calories
Back Home BBQ Sauce – 45 calories

Mayonnaise, Calories per 1 Tbs (1 serving)
Kraft Hot ‘N Spicy Mayo18 fl oz – 100 calories
Smart Balance Omega plus (Light Mayonnaise Dressing) – 50 calories
Kraft Mayo (Light) – 50 calories
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise (Light) – 40 calories
Wal-Mart Great Value Light Mayonnaise – 35 calories

Other High Calorie Spreads, and Sauces, Calories per 2 Tbs (1 serving)
Reese Horseradish Sauce – 130 calories
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce – 110 calories
Best Foods Tartar Sauce – 80 calories
Kraft Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce – 60 calories
French’s French Fried Real Onions – 45 calories

So how do you add flavor to delectable meals without longing for a dripping, messy turkey burger topped with mayo and bbq sauce? Natural spices, oils and herbs can be a great combo. Try coconut oil and a blend of your choice of herbs and spices for a unique flavor all you own. And if you still need to get sloppy, try a lower calorie option like a light balsamic vinaigrette, or mustard.

Herbs: Low-Calorie, Full Flavor. Be sure to add the following herbs to your grocery list:sweet basil, parsley, rosemary, mint, dill, cilantro and anything else you find wonderfully fragrant or interesting. Always having fresh herbs and spices on hand makes it an easy choice when you look at the labels of most decadent sauces. Chop any of these herbs up and create combos that are pleasing to your taste buds, or to accommodate recipes you already have. Freeze chopped herbs and a few teaspoons of water in a resealable bag and toss the frozen blocks into stews, soups or in steam bags for veggies. Bundle whole herbs and toss them right on the grill with lean meats for barbeque with a fragrant flare. You can also freeze mint leaves in ice cubes to cut calories by adding them to water for a refreshing taste!

For tips on which herbs and spices to use, watch this short video:

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